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About Our Farm

The site here at Widmer is family owned and when we took over in 1988 never did we imagine all the changes that would happen over the next 30+ years. 

Over time we have developed the chicken farm we brought all those years ago in to a leading Equestrian Centre which has a lovely Riding School, Competition Centre and Livery Yard. Our large Pet store selling a wide variety of pets, feed and accessories plus everything you could need for your horses and Country Lifestyle. 

We originally installed a farm walk years ago, we secured a zoo licence and displayed many beautiful animals such as Ostriches, Ring Tailed Lemurs,  Hornbills, Kookaburras, pigs, sheep, various birds of prey, we even had our own breeding program in place for owls. We have kept a herd of Red Deer, monkeys, reptiles and do still have Wallabies. We closed the farm walk down in the 1990's due to Winter being too tough and not getting enough visitors to cover the costs. 


We're now going back to the beginning and starting our Farm Walk again with Llamas, Alpacas, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys and Horses. We hope with your support to keep improving and adding new features year on year. We are an outdoor site and our cafe is still being built but you are welcome to bring picnics with you to enjoy. 



Our Team
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